House, Units, Multistory Plans Assessed for Shire Approval

To be able to live in comfort, and at the same time help the environment by reducing greenhouse gases, we need to design our homes to make the most of our natural heater, the Sun.

We help Australians to move forward with sustainable energy solutions.

We are able to provide a 6+ star cost effective result

Before you send your plans to council, for approval, you need to have them rated for energy efficiency.

We use Bers Pro which is a 2nd Generation software tool approved for use by the Australian Building Code Board

As of 1st May 2012 the WA Government has introduced 6 Star Energy compliance rating in order to help us to be more energy efficient

We prepare 6 star energy ratings and compliance reports for building and planning applications for both single and multistory work.

Energy Efficient Homes can save you money by reducing the amount of power needed to heat your home in winter and be cool in summer which makes for a more energy sustainable future.